Unspoken words – A Piece Of A Life story.

A must read story piece


Love Quote ❤

A love quote written by me. © vysagsjournal.wordpress.com Don't forget to like and share. Thank You! 😊💐

Mom’s Love ❤ – A poem

In this selfish world, Where the money rules over love. Where the angriness rules over compassion. In an era of great changes and revolutions, There is one thing, only one thing in this world not undergoing through changes. Without selfishness, With compassion and selflessness. . I remember when I saw that thing For the first... Continue Reading →

Best Part – A Small Poem

I've been crying all the day, When I realized that you don't want to be with me anymore. I just tried to forget you, But whenever I tried I started to forget myself. Now I'm tired Of being a fool. Oh dear, do you remember You called me Teddy Bear when I exposed my love... Continue Reading →

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