Zeena – The Prostitute

Hi Guys!

I’m here with my first post! I’m going to share a story with you. But before that I just want to let you know a brief information about this.

  • This is not a sex story. It’s a story about a prostitute, well it’s about her life not lust.
  • This is a story not based on real life incident. If you felt so, it’s coincidental.
  • There are mainly two characters in this story one is John, a young male and the other one is Zeena, the protagonist.
  • I used to explain the story from the John’s side so the “I” referred in the story is John (do not missunderstand me).
  • There are many grammatical errors as I’m not fluent in English and is my first story in English.

Here we go

It was a rainy sunday evening. I (John) and friends have been here in Central province four days. We came here for a pleasure trip. It’s our last day here and we are going back to home today night. I was sitting in the bed and flirting with the girls through social media, using my laptop. One of my friend told me that Central province has plenty of red streets and prostitutes and let try it. I was also interested. You know about the fantasies a 23 year old guy have. He told me to inquire about some prostitutes. I got down from the bed and shut the laptop. I was thinking to whom to ask about this and my friend said to ask the receptionist. I was confused because the hotel we stay is a good one. A man working in such a reputed hotel will do these things!?.. My head was messed up. But my friend kept forcing me and at last I obeyed him. I went to the reception, the receptionist was a man. Thank God! I whispered.

I hitted him up and asked about the red streets of Central province. He told me many things about it. And he also offered me that he will arrange someone if I was willing. I was wondering, he read my mind. He asked me out what I wanted to ask him. I said him Yes, a big yes and gave him some money. He took his mobile phone and called someone. After talking in the phone he turned to me and said; “This hotel is not a safe place for such things. I’ve arranged a girl for you. She will come here within 30 minutes and pick you up to her apartment. So get ready fast. You don’t have to worry, her apartment is safe”. I thanked him and asked her name. He said: “Zeena”…

I went up to my room and took a bath, changed my clothes. Then I came down to the reception and waited for Zeena. After 10 minutes a well dressed girl is entering to the reception and asked something to the receptionist. He pointed his finger at me. I came to knew that it was Zeena. She came near to me and sat. I just looked at her. Mmm… She is a good looking, gorgeous, fair, beautiful girl with straight lengthy hair and sharp eyebrows. She has a good sense of dressing and presenting herself before someone. The only thing she asked to me is; “let’s move?” I said Yes and went out to call a taxi. But she said she has a car and we can go. I entered in her car and we started our journey.

We caught up in traffic. I was looking around. I saw lady delivering a speech. Zeena said, “She is a famous advocate here. She is the wife of the police commissioner. She is talking about the increasing prostitution and how to discourage it.” I looked at her and said “So she is a challenge for you na?” She smiled at me. That smile drove me crazy. Actually I was horny from the moment I saw her. But I controlled myself and sat quietly.

We got her apartment. She opened the door and we entered. I was wondering she had a such a porsh apartment. I was thinking her apartment would be small and in a dirty slum or in a ref street. But it was oppose to my expectations. It was a residential area where some people with high status in the society lives. She looked at me and laughed at seeing me wondered. Her apartment was neat, clean, well settled… She pulled out two chairs and said me to sit. I sat and asked about her. Firstly I was eager to know about how she got such porsh apartment, is that her own or rent? How can a prostitute afford such a expensive apartment?? Questions are messing up my head. I asked her if the apartment was her. She said yes. I pointed to my next question, how a prostitute can afford such an expensive apartment. She replied me that she is also working in a firm which assures her a salary of 30,000 rupees monthly. I was wondered. I asked about her educational qualification and she replied with laugh: “is that important to have my body?”. I asked her again. She was a post graduate in information technology. I just got excited to know more about her. Why a girl with high education and good job which assures her financial security doing prostitution? I asked her out. She looked deep into my eyes. Then she said “you may please leave now”. But I wasn’t ready to left there before knowing about her. She asked me if I was a writer, I said No. Then she asked why I’m asking such things. I replied her,”you’re not just a normal prostitute or a normal girl. There is something lies under the surface. I just want to discover it.” She smiled. Her phone was ringing. She said me to wait for a minute and took a call. After a couple of seconds she hanged up the call. She said “It was commissioner. He was enquiring if I was free he can have my body”. “The husband of the advocate we saw today in the speech?” I asked and she replied Yes. I was blundered. On one side wife is fighting to discourage prostitution and on the other side her own husband is seeking prostitutes for his pleasure.

Within such a short time we became more close, she became my friend. I asked about her family. She was born in a rich family of a village in north. Still the question popped up in my mind. Why she pursued the path of prostitution? Born in a rich family. So no chance for financial problems or poor family background. Have a good job which assures her financial security. Then why!!? The question made my head burn. I asked her if she had boyfriend or any other tragic stories which bought her to this way. She said no, it was her own decision to be a prostitute. Still my curiosity is not getting down. I just wanted to know her more deeply. I asked her if her family knew about this or not. She replied No. My mind started to wander for the answers of the questions in head.

“Look.. How fast the lust in your eyes has turned into curiosity”. I just woke up from my thinking. She was laughing at me. I asked how came she knew that. “I’ve seen many men’s and shared my body with them. You know a woman seeks eye contact in a intimate relationship first, which assures her security and wakes up her feelings. Whenever I look to the eyes of my costumers I can see only lust. I’m much experienced. Now I can recognize the one’s feelings in their eyes.” She replied, a reply of a woman with lot of life experience. I looked at her and smiled. “It’s getting late. You’re gonna miss your flight.” said Zeena. I was confused with the question popped up in my mind. Why she!? A girl with high education and good status in the society and a good family background. Then how she became a prostitute??

“Let’s move. I’ll drop you in the hotel.” she said. She locked her apartment and we went to the parking area. We entered in the car. I was thinking about her all the time during the journey. I asked her stubbornly and forced her to tell me. She stopped the car on the roadside and pointed at car parked in front of us and told me to observe it. I looked at the car. After 5 minutes I saw a lady getting down from the car. A man also with her. I saw her giving a lip smooch to the man in the car. I saw shocked. “What you mean by showing this to me, Zeena?” I asked. She asked me to wait. The woman was coming towards to us passing near our car. I saw her face in the dim light of the street lamps. It gave me spinechills when I saw her. It was the advocate, the wife of the commissioner, who is fighting against prostitution. It was shocking. “You know, she was also doing the same thing I do.” said Zeena. I asked how did she know that. “That man is also my customer. He told me.” she replied. I was wondering the commissioner, who got a higher status in the society and the one who should be the example for the society is seeking for the service of a prostitute for his pleasures. On the other hand the advocate, with a high reputation and fighting against prostitution is sharing her body with other men even though she was married. It’s sarcastic or anything?

Still I didn’t realized what she was trying to let know me. I asked her. She said “look John, I have shown you two lives today. One is the commissioner and the other is his wife, advocate. Both are got reputation in this society, high education and even they have good family background too. Then why they doing all like this? It’s okay to not talking about the commissioner. But that lady… What was she doing?? Why?? On day time speaking about prostitution and fighting to discourage it and in night she is doing the same thing. But there only one difference between her and a prostitute like me. We get paid for our duty, she not. She is doing it for free to a man and I’m doing with many men’s and getting paid. I really don’t know why she is still against to prostitution. Is this a cover to her real face? I don’t know. But I know one thing. People like the commissioner are the one who encourages prostitution. If they helped a prostitute instead of using them, there would be no prostitution in our country. No one wants to be a prostitute. Situations made them to have their body to a stranger man. And the people like the advocate are the evils of the society. They are really a dangerous challenge to our society. You know that our ancestors said, beware of the people with two faces. I just hate it.”

I used to be silent then and thinking about the all things she said. “She is right. People like commissioner are the one who encourages prostitution and I’m one of them. They have become prostitutes because of their problems. If someone helped or atleast took the effort to know their problems and take initiative to solve it, there would be no prostitution and no one wants to be a prostitute, situations are the villains.”. I realized my mistake.

Zeena broke the silence and said “You want to know how I became a prostitute right? Well I’ll tell you now. When I first came here, this lady advocate wa the person I met. I was mesmerized seeing a lady working against the evils of the society, especially against the prostitution. But god shown me the evil face of her on the same day. I was spinechilled as you did now. And I was also curious as you to know more about a prostitute. I decided to meet some prostitutes. But they don’t even allowed me to see me or talk to me. I was disappointed. But I have had a strong desire to know about the life of a prostitute. All the door in front of me are closed. So finally I decided to become myself as a prostitute”. “Whaaaaaattttttttt!!!!!????? You decided to become a prostitute just to know about the life of a prostitute????” I yelled. She said yes and smiled. She started the car and we continued our journey. Still questions are popping up in my mind and burning my head.

After a couple of moments Zeena said “I know it’s weird and you might feel that I’m mad. But there was no any other way in front of me. But I know I have taken the right decision. Now I know about the all aspects of a prostitute’s life and their problems. I love being a prostitute and enjoying this life. I have accomplished my goals. If the people like commissioner and advocate can encourage prostitution then why not a normal girl like me could become a prostitute. First of all our society have to change. Their attitude towards prostitutes have to be changed. If the society helps them to get rid out of the problems, these wouldn’t be happened. As I mentioned before, no girls wants to be a prostitute.

We reached the hotel. I looked at her and said thank you. I open the door and got down. My mind was wandering in search of the answers. Is she was trying to elaborate any message to the society? Or she wanted to do something for the prostitutes? One thing is for sure. She has a lot of experiences in her life. She is mysterious. She is awesome. And she is a prostitute, I said myself. She started the car and waved her hands at me. I waved my hands too and she drove into the distance..

(The End)


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