Best Part – A Small Poem

I’ve been crying all the day,

When I realized that you don’t

want to be with me anymore.

I just tried to forget you,

But whenever I tried

I started to forget myself.

Now I’m tired

Of being a fool.

Oh dear, do you remember

You called me Teddy Bear when I exposed my love to you.

Yes, now I realized I was a doll for you.

A toy to play.

After all Teddy Bear is also a doll.

Nothing much.

I’m going to be a mad

Without you.

I’m going to lose you.

Losing you is like losing a part of myself.

Worse is it’s the best part of mine.

I would be happy,

If you’re happy

Without my presence.

Because you are

A part of mine,

The best part…


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Thank You!πŸ˜ŠπŸ’


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