Unspoken words – A Piece Of A Life story.

I was a man with

great ambitions and life goal.

I’ve never thought about love.

I thought that I don’t need

someone in my life.

But one day you came into my

life and changed the scene


Your entry was like a drop of

rainbow into my life.

I started to notice you.

Your eyes are nothing less than

a powerful magnet.

Your smile is as cute as you.

Yes, I started to fall for you.

I started loving you.

But one day you gone from

my life like as you came.

Leaving me alone.

Leaving me in a cyclone of depression.

And I, being a fool.

Loved you without even

knowing you.

I know I did the mistake.

But where,

Is it was when I loved you with all my heart or……..?………..


© vysagsjournal.wordpress.com

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