Unspoken Words II – A story of a rape victim.

It was the labour room of the famous hospital in the northern province. There are many deliveries in the labour room today and doctors are very busy. A scream was spread within the room. Everyone looked at the corner. It was a girl screaming. Her mother is trying to calm down her. She was suffering from pain. I too, looked at her. A small girl age about 15 year. I was wondered what she was doing there in the labour room bed. But we all have a thing called common sense and I used it. I came to know that bitter truth. Yes… She is pregnant..

I was shocked and wondered how she became pregnant. I started to notice her. She was screaming and fighting with the pain. I saw her mother talking with another lady. “Oh sister! What shall I do?? How could we live here?” Said her mother.

The another lady replied ” Don’t worry sister. It’s not yours or your daughter mistakes. We can’t blame ourselves. It’s the sin done by the culprits who raped your daughter. They should be punished. God will never let them live again and never leave you. Relax sister”.

I really shocked when I heard that she was a rape victim. I turned to the girls mother and asked them what happened. At first they didn’t agreed to talk with me. But I told them they can see me as their own child and built trust with them. The mother started to tell about their life.

The girl’s name is Anagha. She is studying in 10th standard. A bright student of the famous school in the province. Yet her family was poor. She has mother only. Her father died in her childhood. Her mother is a labour in the factory in outskirts of the city, working for daily wages.

“It was a black day in my life. The day when my daughter…..” Her mother can’t complete their words. Tears started to fall like a waterfall.

The lady next to the girl mother said me “she was alone in their house and she was sick. Her mother gone for her work. Then…….” . She too started to cry.

I guessed the rest of the story. Yes, nowadays no girls are safe even in their home. What a world!!

“She was a butterfly. She loved to explore the world. She wanted to fly. But this world cut her wings.” The mother said.

“Maa.. you don’t worry.. we have rules and laws here. We’ll seek for justice.” I said to the mother.

“Son… I have been complained to the police and they’re saying that they’re investigating. I don’t have any hope. My child’s life is spoiled.” Mother said.

“But maa.. we should fight for Justice. It’s our right. I hope we could win”.

“Son… Don’t you read newspapers or watch news?? Nowadays in our country justice is for those who have money and power. At worst, the advocates will find any loopholes to save their clintes. I think you knew about the case of a guy, a rape criminal has saved from death penalty just because of he is minor and he has 5 months more to be a major. That’s why he sent to the juvenile home and is released now. I don’t know why all these happening. A culprit should be punished for the intensivity of the crime and such idiotic loophole should not be accepted. But our country is like this. It’s being hell in the earth.” Mother said.

I wasn’t surprised to see that the sorrow in her eyes turned to fire. It’s a mother’s pain, her angry. It can ruin this whole humanity.

My eyes started to shed tears. I just moved to the window, turned back and looked at Anagha.

I asked go why such bad thing happening… I’m wondering that how she lived for last 10 months, without anyone knowing. How much pain she have been suffered. How much insult she have been bear. How much sorrow she have been possessed. How she’ll face this world…. All being a huge question mark….

Anagha was begging to nurses and doctors who pass behind her. She was crying and asked a old lady nurse to help her….

And the nurse replied “Shut up and lie down there.. You should have been thought twice before seeking pleasure stupid.”

I was shocked to hear that. Why she replied like this, even knowing that anagha was a rape victim???

Why a women can’t get to know another women???

Is it just because of the thing called humanity is disappeared from earth???

*The End*

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