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Hi Everyone! 🙋

First of all I just want to thank you all visiting my blog. It’s really mean a lot to me.

I’m Vysag, from Thrissur, Kerala in India. I’m a student, studying in 12th. I’m pursuing my studies in commerce stream.

Nowadays I feel myself more creative, mostly in literature. I just posted some posts on my facebook wall by taking advantage of that creative outflow. I was surprised when I got good response from my friends, classmates, family, colleagues and others. They encouraged me to start a medium to share my views and creativities. At last I’ve created this blog to share my opinions. This blog is not just a page related about literature and stories. I’ll share all my life experiences here as my tagline says “Reality Through Words“.

About me, I’m a nature lover 🌴 and a traveller. I love traveling and I also love cooking (A typical Taurus man). My life goal is to being a good human, be the favorite of god, doing good things for people, helping others, and spreading love❤, peace✌☮ and happiness😄. And I think I’ve some psychic abilities (hehe! Yes.. I’m Psychic). The other reasons helped me to become more creative that is Reading📚. I like to read and learn. I also like to listening music🎼🎶 and watching movies🎬📺 (sometimes). I’m really interested in topics such as science⚛, astrophysics🌌, literature📖, photography📷 (mobile phone photography), technology🔬📡, metaphysics😇, fashion and arts 👸, entertainment🎧🎥, culture and tradition 🔆, and much more, which means I’m interested in almost all things. I have a huge crave for knowledge and wisdom. I just said all these things to say one thing, only one thing and that is “You can find here stuffs related to any topic“.

About my personality, down to earth, reliable, stable, loyal, courageous, polite, obedient, determined, loving and lovable, caring, and a “will be there for you always” type person as I found myself. Yes, you read that right. I like to help others, which is one of the goal in my lifetime. So if you have any problems, you can hit me up! (seriously 😊, I’ll the there for you. Contact me through facebook or using contact function on my blog). I have blessed with good communication skills which enables me to know others feelings. So I can motivate you too (Motivational Speaker 😂) So now you’re with a magician who can do wonders in your life 😉.

It’s just less than 0.01% informations about me. I know want to know more. If so, keep a track on my blog!

Thank you!😊💐

My email id- vysagsjournal@gmail.com

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